Well-designed Led Wall Mount Fireplace - Ecological wood plastic houses – Xinyingxin

Shipping Terms: FOB Shenzhen

Payment Terms : TT/LC

MOQ: 100

Unit Price: please contact us

Size: customized

Product Description
The new wood-plastic material is a kind of environmental aesthetic material,made of plastic and cellulose(bamboo powder,grass powder,stone powder,wood powder)with a special process.Its water absorption is below 2/1000 of the corrosion resistance is over ten times of the wood.
Product characteristics
*Waterproof,moisture proof,no expansion,no deformation,no cracking,no rot. It can be usedin the damp environment,where traditional wood products cannot bu used.
*Inset pests prevention,termite resistance,corrosion resistance,anti-aging,long service life.
*No pollution,low carbon,environment friendly,energy saving and emission reduction.
*The fire-retardant grade is B1.It can be effective to stop fire not producing anyharmful gas.
*Good plasticity,colorful,not easy to fade,wooden touch,can fully reflect the personalizedmodeling and personality.
*It can be nailed,planed,sawed,drilled with simple and easy construction and installationsteps,saving time and cost.
*Energy saving,recyclable,in line with the country’s sustainable development policy and requirements.

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